Presentations at the 2016 annual AAW conference will be live-streamed from The entire event will be recorded and recordings will also be available on this website.

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Adventism’s raison d’etre is mission. There is no doubt that mission is at the core of our existence as a church and that there is an ethical heartbeat pulsating in that core. The Great Controversy between good and evil is the framework of that missional outreach to the world—the call to worship the Creator is a call to do what is right and true and eschew what is false and evil.


The Board of the Association of Adventist Women wishes to express its serious concerns relating to two documents released by the General Conference and that are being considered for discussion and voting at the current Annual Council, without consulting nor dialoguing with the church at large or possibly even with the entities that will be most affected by the suggested policy changes in these documents.

It is our conviction that unity is always best preserved by allowing diversity of practice even as we hold fundamental truths in common. We also believe that church governance can easily fall prey to influences that suggest the leadership has more decision-making power than allowed in Scripture or in the writings of Ellen G. White, both the principle sources of authority, faith, and practice in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

We call on the leaders who have taken upon themselves the preparation of these documents that will, most surely, guarantee division rather than the sought-after unity, to reconsider how they are planning to use these documents and we invite them to call on the Body of Christ to discuss these documents at all levels of church organization before any votes are taken to bring these matters before another world session.

Approved by the Association of Adventist Women’s Board
Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, President

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Thirty-fourth Annual Conference of the Association of Adventist Women

Here We Stand: Women and God’s Call

La Sierra University, Riverside, CA

October 21-23, 2016

  • Heather-Dawn Small, GC Women’s Ministries Director
  • Rebekah Liu, ordained pastor working in China
  • Janice De Whyte, theologian
  • Ginger Hanks Harwood, theologian



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